The Taxi Industry Is South Africa’s Heartbeat

Taxi operators transport over 15 million commuters every day. Children get to and from school every day and adults are able to get to work so that they can provide for their families. Consumables become more accessible and thousands of people are able to attend vibrant stadiums to watch their favorite sports events, support their communities by attending meetings, wedding and funerals and getting to their voting station.

This is the guts of what the Taxi industry has to offer and our taxi operators are pivotal in making this a reality. As a gateway financier, we enable entrepreneurs to start and sustain their own small businesses by catering for all their taxi related needs.

We facilitate insurance that ensures that, if the vehicle goes out of service for any reason within the first six months, the operator is able to pay his next installment and keep his business going until the vehicle is back in operation – or, if necessary, replaced.

In addition, we provide a rewards programme (Shayela) that gives operators the means to reduce the cost of their vehicle installments by becoming more effective business people.

We pro-actively and continuously seek ways, such as giving operators access to in-vehicle advertising, to help operators earn extra revenue that can cover the cost of their installment.

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